St. Patrick’s Day

How many times have you heard someone say it’s on their bucket list to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland? Too many? Me too.

I had mixed feelings leading up to this holiday. Sure I was excited to experience it, but skeptical of the Americanized celebration of the holiday. Several of my Irish friends have told me how overrated it is and how they tend to do nothing. That worried me, the true Irish don’t even like to celebrate because of what society has turned the holiday into. But nonetheless, I was here in Dublin so naturally I had to experience the day. And what an experience it was. So. Many. People. So so so many people. Which, is both fun and scary. Several people I know got phones stolen, it is important to be extra cautious. The fun was being apart of this huge sea of green covering the city. It was a crazy day and I’m grateful I could experience it! For once, the Irish weather was perfect. Here are the only terrible photos I managed to take all day.


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