Hello! I’m Emily, or Em, or Emmi. I’m just another college student who loves traveling, exploring and adventuring. Currently I am living in the great land of Ireland for four months.

I’m so glad you popped by and even more glad you are following along with my little heart that wants to see more of this big, big world.

Some really fun facts about myself that have nothing to do with anything

  • Ice cream for every meal.
  • Tangled is the greatest Disney movie.
  • JFK is really my favorite person and president ever.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with my dogs (sorry snapchat friends).
  • I am incapable of dancing. Forreal. It’s never gonna happen.
  • Friends is the only tv series that matters.
  • Someday I hope to own a blueberry farm.
  • Gardens are the most magical.
  • My celebrity crush is Chris Pine. And Gerard Butler. Oh, Jude Law too.
  • Donuts are my love language.
  • I will own a domestic fox one day.
  • Cruising around on my bike is my happy place.
  • Flowers.Flowers.Flowers.

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