South of France

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I’ve never been anywhere quite as beautiful as the south of France. In fact, I think it’s beauty was quite overwhelming for 18-year old me. Our group took a train from Paris to the south of France and from there we hopped on a dreaded bus. It was only dreaded because my friend and I felt so sick and I remember us taking up several seats trying to sleep away the ride. But the view was so worth it. Our first destination was full of sunshine and crystal blue water. My favorite day ever was spent in this tiny village on top of a mountain. You walked uphill through the winding streets to reach the historic castle ruins. Then you climbed more to explore them and were greeted with breathtaking views. I think everyone was perfectly content that day. It was fairytale good. Dogs walking beside you, laughter,stuffing ourselves with crepes and french sandwiches and shopping the local stores.

For the remainder of the trip we stayed in Nice where I had the best gelato ever. I’ll never forget the lavender rose flavor that changed my life. For a day trip we headed over to Monte Carlo, Monaco. And let me tell you, the place is not real. Honestly, it is too good to be real. I remember walking around in disbelief. It was all too beautiful to be real. I’ve never seen a place more full of color, I mean the water is obviously fake. Why do I not have a vacation home here? Is the Prince single? I need to return there asap. If you’ve never been, please make this your next vacation cause I can tell you it’ll change your life.

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