Travel Tips

Deciding To Go

Making the decision to study abroad was one-if not the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make. Maybe it’s just because I don’t do well with big life changes. Or because I overthink a lot. My big factor was money. For me, it was more than deciding if I wanted to spend four months traveling the world. It was deciding whether or not I wanted to go in debt or stay on the path of graduating debt free. I read countless blogs, articles and advice in the decision process. I talked to all my friends (annoyed them too) and family, even make a facebook status asking for opinions. I think it was important I took my time. But through it all I knew my decision deep down. It just took me longer to admit it outloud and commit. One thing that helped a lot was making my own pro and con list. So if you’re struggling to make the decision to travel I hope instead of telling you why to go I can provide a realistic approach. Because let’s be honest, studying abroad is not all the glamorous Instagram posts. I haven’t gotten to Ireland yet but I am preparing messy parts already. The reality of culture shock and homesickness. And the paper work hasn’t been a walk in the park either. It’s important to keep a realistic mindset when deciding to follow your dreams.


  • Making new international friends
  • Resume Builder
  • New classroom/study experience
  • Travel!
  • Invaluable world experience
  • Independence Skills


  • Loneliness
  • Costs/Exchange Rate
  • Stereotypes Abroad
  • Culture Shock
  • Budget